Permanent mold Castings

  .Aluminum-bronze, brass, copper and copper alloy permanent mold castings ranging

 from one ounce to 25 lbs.  Combining virgin metals and the latest technology in a chill

 casting process to achieve product strength, high conductivity, precision and uniformity

 unattainable through other manufacturing methods.  Quality assurance includes a final

 inspection prior to shipment.  In house engineering and design capabilities reduce cost and

 lead time while providing a superior product and a J.I.T. system for customer to maintain

 a high inventory.


Investment castings

   Quality ferrous and non-ferrous investment castings include over 100 alloys offered.

  In house tool and die capabilities allow "as cast" samples combined with ability to work

 with any customer furnished tools.  Secondaries include heat treating, machining,

 phosphate coating and blasting.  Castings meet or exceed military and aerospace

 standards.  ISO 9002 and AS 9000 Quality Management System registration.

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